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  We deliver 1,000s of image banners to any website in exchange for cash per click
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  • Its cheap: and cost effective to advertise at  226.25 /= per click
  • It works: with a wide coverage of local websites
  • Its flexible: by displaying all your adverts anytime you choose
  • Its automatic: all payments are made with mobile money
  • Its quick: your adverts will display immediately after uploading them
  • Its faster: and easier than Search Engine Optimization
  • Puts you ahead: your competitors are already doing PPC adverts

  • It is an opportunity to make extra money from your website
  • It adds value to your website by displaying valuable information
  • You do not need to look around for advertisers its all done for you
  • All banners are resizable, they fit in any space on any website
  • Implementing PPC banners is very easy, its just plug and play.
  • You can adjust your earnings by changing your CPC any time.
  • You have the power to choose the category of adverts to display

AssortedBanners.com is currently sourcing for Internet advertising companies and website owners to partner with, so far we have partered with iSearch which is a nationally recognized internet marketing agency that offers a full range of internet marketing services ranging from SEO, PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digitalization, Online Backups Management.

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